A Novel Idea

“The beautiful part about libraries is that you do not have to pay for books in order to enjoy them.”

Ghost Towns

“You can see firsthand what those people were living like, what their lives would have been like. Things like where they slept, where they ate dinner, where they worked.”


“In a coworking space, in general, it’s all about community and spending time with people you like.”

History of Colorado Mesa University

“Students would smuggle kittens into their dorms, openly consume 3.2 percent beer in the residence halls and document it for eternity in the campus yearbooks.”

Home is Where the Pets Are

“Our ultimate goal is to figure out what the concerns are of property owners and find solutions to alleviate those concerns with the end goal of opening up more rentals to pets.”

Growing Pains

“Having juniors and seniors on campus … certainly adds to the quality of student life.”

Building the Future

“Students involved in hospitality, culinary arts and even other majors like business will have opportunities at the hotel to gain real-world, hands-on experience in their fields.”

Green Junction

“Our goal when we set out was to produce nutrient-dense food that stays in the valley and enhances the space we cultivate.”

Take a Hike

“Even down to Tucson, there aren’t any hikes on there that I didn’t do.”